In a television interview, A Current Affair, the mistress of Lyndon  Johnson, Madeleine Brown, described the meeting of 21st November, 1963, when she was at the home of Clint Murchison. Others at the meeting included Harold L. Hunt, J. Edgar Hoover, Clyde Tolson, John J. McCloy and Richard Nixon. At the end of the evening Lyndon B. Johnson arrived...

"Tension filled the room upon his arrival. The group immediately went behind closed doors. A short time later Lyndon, anxious and red-faced, reappeared... Squeezing my hand so hard, it felt crushed from the pressure, he spoke with a grating whisper, a quiet growl, into my ear, not a love message, but one I'll always remember: "After tomorrow those goddamn Kennedys will never embarrass me again - that's no threat - that's a promise.".

It's important to note that John J. McCloy was a member of the now discredited Warren Commission which "investigated" the assassination, appointed by none other than Johnson. Nixon himself was in Dallas on the day of the assassination.

Dallas Morning News, November 22, 1963. The day of President Kennedy's assassination

The lead prosecutor in this so called investigation is Sen Arlen Specter. Today, he is Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, insuring that while he is alive, the miscarriage of justice perpetrated on an American president will never be addressed.


"...And the true and pure philosophical religion is the belief in Lucifer..."

Albert Pike (1809-1891) 

One of the six founders of the Ku Klux Klan.  Like Guiseppe Mazzini created the ritual blood oath of the Mafia, the omerta; Pike created the rituals and oaths of the KKK-- such the Illuminati-inspired lynching campaigns. (Pike was appointed head of Illuminati operations in the U.S by Mazzini in 1834.)


Image of the devil Baphomet in the church of Saint-Merri, France.  Like the Templars before him, Albert Pike revived the worship of Baphomet and other gods; but Baphomet, stands out. It was a devil which Aleister Crowley claimed to have channeled in 1906 while writing "The Book of the Law", another holy work among the serious 20th century Luciferians, or Satanists. Crowley also claimed to be the incarnation of Eliphas Levi, a sorcerer from a century back whom in turn heavily influenced his contemporary, Albert Pike. 

RIGHT: Execution of Jacque DeMolay and the Templars circa 1314.

"...The descriptions given of it [the Baphomet] varied wildly. The physical characteristics assigned to the 'Baphomet' seemed to come either from the mauf or demon of northern folklore, or from church reliquaries. It was often said to represent a cat, a beast traditionally associated with witchcraft and heresy." 

     - Peter Partner, The Murdered Magicians

"INQUISITOR: Now tell us about the head. 

BROTHER RAOUL: Well, the head. I've seen it at seven chapters held by Brother Hugh de Peraud and others. 

INQUISITOR: What did one do to worship it? 

BROTHER RAOUL: Well, it was like this. It was presented, and everyone threw himself on the ground, pushed back his cowl, and worshipped it. 

 INQUISITOR: What was its face like? 

BROTHER RAOUL: Terrible. It seemed to me that it was the face of a demon, of a maufé [evil spirit].  Every time I saw it I was filled with such terror I could scarcely look at it, trembling in all my members." 


          - from M. Michelet, Procés des Templiers


The Temple of Paris

At the time of the Templar trial, circa 1313, the Order consisted of 15,500 knights, a vast number of squires and a host of lay brethren, who were all responsible to the Grand Master. It possessed more than 10,000 manors and several fortresses, including that of the Temple of Paris.

The Haschishin: the First Programmed Assassins

Hasan-Dan-Sabah "The Old Man of the Mountain," (11th century) organizer of the Haschishin, or Assassins.  The members of this sect, while intoxicated with haschish, could be induced to carry out political murders, usually at the cost of their lives.  Today, they are most commonly found in the middle-eastern suicide bombers.

The Templar Prosecutor: Guillaume de Nogaret

Chancellor to French King Phillipe de Bel, a chief prosecuter in the Templar trial.


 Templar graffiti

The walls of the Chateu de Chinon.  Herein are  symbols common to the Cabala and Alchemy. 

An Illuminati lynching

The sect was founded in 1776 in Bavaria by Adam Weisshaubt, and was notorious from early on for political assassinations and terrorism.

The Order of the Templeh2.jpg" target="_blank">The Order of the Temple

Founded in 1118 by Hughes de Payns (left) and eight other French knights, who were companions of Godfroy de Bouillon (center).

Early Luciferians

Early Luciferians before idol of Satan, pictured here thrusting a dagger