It Was Johnson  Revisiting the Lyndon Johnson Tapes. The only mystery in the Kennedy assassination is why Johnson was never indicted for it: why Mac Wallace's fingerprint in the sniper's nest connects Johnson directly to the assassination. Video includes  phone taps of Johnson discussing Kennedy's murder with J. Edgar Hoover, John Conally, and Ramsey Clark between Nov 1963 and 1967.

 Bill Hicks on the JFK Assassination  Yes, a few words to remind us about Artlen Specter, the infamous Magic Bullet's creator. (There is no statue of limitation on murder, and we haven't forgotten, Arlen) More on Bill Hicks.

The Luciferians In 1968, the Rolling Stones' Mick Jagger penned the lyrics of the classic hit "Sympathy for the Devil", which described the devil's role in major historical events from the crucifixion to the murder of the Kennedys.

  The Harder Truth The video by the Center for Bio-Ethical Reform which Planned Parenthood doesn't want you to see. Pictured is Ana Rosa Rodriguez, a late-term abortion survivor. If you look closely, you'll notice that this child is missing her right arm. That's because her arm was ripped off in the process of an abortion on New York's Lower East Side in October of 1991. Ana Rosa was 32 weeks old at the time of the abortion. Rosa, Ana's mother had told Dr. Abu Hayat that she had changed her mind and didnít want to go through with the abortion. "He said that it was impossible to stop, that I had to continue," Rosa told New York Newsday. According to Rosa, Hayatís assistants held her down while he sedated her. When she awoke, she was told that the abortion was incomplete and that she should come back the following day. That evening, however, she experienced increasing pain and bleeding. Her mother took her to Jamaica Hospital by taxi, where, five hours later, baby Ana Rosa was born. Aside from the loss of her right arm, Ana Rosa is a perfectly healthy little girl. 

Atlanta Child Murders Revisited In Atlanta, fingerprints, witnesses and even Caucasian hairs at the crime scene pointed to another man, or group of men. According to FBI documents only recently released, it was a Klan cell with local police connections. Click here for more...

The True Price of Klan Sympathies   In 1995, in the rubble of the Oklahoma City Bombing, 168 men, women, and children may have died in vain so that this man could stay in office...Find out why there was Nowhere to Run

FLIGHT 800: How the bi-partisan TWA Flight 800 cover-up opened the door to 9-11. An introduction to a developing story.... Click here for more...

Recent Klan Terrorism 11-26-03 Dallas news coverage of the Klan's attempts to blow up a  power plant; recent FBI arrests in a poison gas plot. For more, click here

"Some of the nicest people you'll ever meet" It's called the Invisible Empire for a reason. As long as its "former" leaders remain in office, bound by oath to silence, the Ku Klux Klan will never be recognized as the  terrorist organization that it is. Ask Sen. Robert Byrd, an "ex-Klansman" who would undoubtedly lose his post if reason prevailed.

Emmet Till He is often called "The Sacrificial Lamb of the Civil Rights Movement." 

Big Milam ordered Bobo [Emmet] to pick up the fan. He staggered under its weight... carried it to the river bank. They stood silently... just hating one another.

Milam: "Take off your clothes."

Slowly, Bobo pulled off his shoes, his socks. He stood up, unbuttoned his shirt, dropped his pants, his shorts. He stood there naked. It was Sunday morning, a little before 7.

Milam: "You still as good as I am?"
Bobo: "Yeah."
Milam: "You still 'had' white women?"
Bobo: "Yeah."

That big .45 jumped in Big Milam's hand. The youth turned to catch that big, expanding bullet at his right ear. He dropped. They barb-wired the gin fan to his neck, rolled him into 20 feet of water....

The Confession of Big Milam from The American Experience, Special Features