In a television interview, A Current Affair, the mistress of Lyndon  Johnson, Madeleine Brown, described the meeting of 21st November, 1963, when she was at the home of Clint Murchison. Others at the meeting included Harold L. Hunt, J. Edgar Hoover, Clyde Tolson, John J. McCloy and Richard Nixon. At the end of the evening Lyndon B. Johnson arrived...

"Tension filled the room upon his arrival. The group immediately went behind closed doors. A short time later Lyndon, anxious and red-faced, reappeared... Squeezing my hand so hard, it felt crushed from the pressure, he spoke with a grating whisper, a quiet growl, into my ear, not a love message, but one I'll always remember: "After tomorrow those goddamn Kennedys will never embarrass me again - that's no threat - that's a promise.".

It's important to note that John J. McCloy was a member of the now discredited Warren Commission which "investigated" the assassination, appointed by none other than Johnson. Nixon himself was in Dallas on the day of the assassination.

Dallas Morning News, November 22, 1963. The day of President Kennedy's assassination

The lead prosecutor in this so called investigation is Sen Arlen Specter. Today, he is Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, insuring that while he is alive, the miscarriage of justice perpetrated on an American president will never be addressed.


Nazi Cult Beliefs


(1) The Stein Affair - Fact or Fiction?

"During his young adulthood before rising to power, Hitler lived in Vienna. One of Hitler's friends, during that period was Walter Johannes Stein. During World War II, Dr. Stein became an advisor to England's Prime Minister, Sir Winston Churchill."

- William Bramley, The Gods of Eden

"A number of people who intimately knew Walter Johannes Stein in the last years of his life state that Stein never met Hitler."

- Christoph Lindenberg in the German journal Die Drie

"...It was through buying a copy of Eschenbach's Parsival that had once belonged to Hitler that Dr Stein met him. Dr Stein was impressed by the meticulousness of the marginal notes, though simultaneously appalled by the pathological race hatred that they showed.

- Frank Smyth in The Occult Connection

"This was no ordinary commentary but the work of somebody who had achieved more than a working knowledge of the black arts! The unknown commentator had found the key to unveiling many of the deepest secrets of the Grail, yet obviously spurned the Christian ideals of the Knights and delighted in the devious machinations of the Anti-Christ. It suddenly dawned on him that he was reading the footnotes of Satan!"

- Trevor Ravenscroft, The Spear of Destiny

"The fictional nature of the whole episode surrounding the annotated copy of copy of Parzival is suggested by the similarity of Pretzsche's obscure bookshop to the one described by Sir Edward Bulwer-Lytton in Zanoni (1842), which probably served Ravenscroft as a literary model."

- Nicholas Goodrick-Clarke, The Modern Mythology of Nazi Occultism

"Among them [the marginal notes] appeared numerous references to the character Klingsor, whom Hitler apparently identified with the notorious ninth-century tyrant Landuph II of Capua.
"Landulph's avaricious grasping for power had led him to study the black arts, and it was for these practices that he was excommunicated in AD 875. But one other fact must have given Hitler a sense of identity with the ninth-century 'Fuhrer'. Landulph seems to have been either partly or totally castrated: Eschenbach described him as 'the man who was smooth between the legs'."

- Frank Smyth in The Occult Connection

According to Ravenscroft, "Hitler took Dr. Stein up the Danube to visit his mystic teacher, a rustic woodcutter and herbalist named Hans Lodz 'who retained in his peasant's blood the last traces of the atavistic clairvoyance of the ancient Germanic tribes' and who 'resembled a mischievous yet malevolent dwarf from the pages of Grimm's Fairy Tales or an illustration from a book on ancient Germanic folklore'. The men took a swim in the river at which Dr. Stein noticed that Hitler had only one testicle."

- Walter Alter, "The Unknown Hitler: Nazi Roots in the Occult"

"We can overlook Ravenscroft's mistake of speaking of 'Wachau' as a place and not of the region which really it is. But the details do not fit: the snow melting in May, the steamer running in spite of the floods, bathing in the river - it makes no sense. Certainly wrong is the statement that Hitler had only one testicle...all this has been completely refuted by [Werner] Maser."

- Christoph Lindenberg in the German journal Die Drie

"...When Russian military surgeons examined Hitler's charred remains in the Berlin bunker in May 1945, they discovered that Hitler was indeed monorchid; he possessed but one testicle."

- Frank Smyth in The Occult Connection

"One of his [Hitler's] most influential mentors was a Viennese bookstore owner named Ernst Pretzsche. Pretzsche was described by Dr. Stein as a malevolent-looking man with a somewhat toad-like appearance. Pretzsche was a devotee of the Germanic mysticism that was preaching the coming of an Aryan super race. Hitler frequented Pretzsches store and pawned books there when he needed money. During those visits, Pretzsche indoctrinated Hitler in Germanic mysticism and successfully encouraged Hitler to use the hallucinogenic drug peyote as a tool for achieving mystical enlightenment.

- William Bramley, The Gods of Eden

"It was Lodz, Dr.Stein learned, who had prepared for Hitler a peyote concoction that afforded him psychedelic insight into his past lives. The peyote itself had come from Pretzche, who had lived for a time in the German colony in Mexico. Hitler had hoped that his former existences, viewed in his drug trance, would include an early incarnation as a powerful Teutonic ruler, but it was not to be.
"Instead his psychedelic perception revealed von Eschenbach's Parzival to have been prophetic of events that would take place a thousand years after it was written, i.e. in the present. And it showed Hitler to have been the historical personage behind the evil sorcerer Klingsor, the very spirit of the anti-Christ and the villain of Parzival."

"Ravenscroft's second mistake was to name the Viennese bookseller who introduced Hitler to drugs. 'No better name occurred to him than Pretsche, popular among English writers of fiction for German malefactors', Lindenberg [in the German journal Die Drie] writes scornfully before revealing that extensive checks of Vienna city and business directories and police records for the years 1892 through 1920 were negative for the name in question."

- Walter Alter, "The Unknown Hitler: Nazi Roots in the Occult"

(2) Hitler's Pathology

"Their [the Freemasons] hierarchical organization and the initiation through symbolic rites, that is to say without bothering the brains but by working on the imagination through magic and the symbols of a cult - all this is the dangerous element and the element I have taken over. Don't you see that our party must be of this character?...An Order, that is what it has to be - an Order, the hierarchical Order of a secular priesthood."
- Adolph Hitler, Mein Kampf

"According to [August] Kubizek [one of Hitler's few friends from the early years], Hitler spent a great deal of time studying oriental mysticism, astrology, hypnotism, Germanic mythology and other aspects of occultism. By 1909 he had made contact with Dr. Jorg Lanz von Liebenfels, a former Cistercian monk who, two years previously, had opened a temple of the 'Order of the New Templars' at the tumble-down Werfenstein Castle on the banks of the Danube.
"Von Leibenfels had assumed his aristocratic sounding name: he was born plain Adolf Lanz and came of solid bourgeois stock. His following was small but wealthy. A disciple of Guido von List [who adopted the swastika as the emblem of the neo-pagan movement in Germany in the late 19th century] he flew a swastika flag from his battlements, performed ritual magic and ran a magazine entitled Ostara, a propaganda journal of occultism and race mysticism, to which the young Hitler became an avid subscriber."

- Frank Smyth in The Occult Connection

"Hitler is one of our will one day experience that he, and through him we, will one day be victorious and develop a movement that will make the world tremble."
- Von Liebenfels writing to a colleague (1932)

During World War I "about two months after winning the Iron Cross, Hitler was blinded by mustard gas during a battle. He was taken to the Pasewalk military hospital in northern Germany where he was mistakenly diagnosed as suffering from 'psychopathic hysteria'. (The symptoms were probably caused by the mustard gas.) Hitler was consequently placed under the care of a psychiatrist, Dr. Edmund Forster. What exactly was done to Hitler while under Dr. Forster's care is uncertain because years later, in 1933...the Gestapo rounded up all psychiatric records related to Hitler's treatment and destroyed them. Dr. Forster 'committed suicide' in that same year.
"The mystery of what was done to Hitler at Pasewalk is deepened by Hitler's own statements. According to Hitler, he had experience a 'vision' from 'another world' while at the hospital. In that vision, Hitler was told that he would need to restore his sight so that he could lead Germany back to glory. Hitler's latent anti-Semitism, which had already been planted by his mystical readings in Vienna, emerged at Pasewalk."
"In a shrewd piece of detective work published in the journal, History of Childhood Quarterly, psychohistorian Dr. Rudolph Binion suggests that Hitler's visions may have been deliberately induced by the psychiatrist, Edmund Forster, as a means of helping Hitler recover from his blindness....Dr. Binion cites a book completed in 1939 entitled, Der Augenzeuge ('The Eyewitness'), written by a Jewish doctor named Ernst Weiss who had fled Germany in 1933.
"It is a thinly fictionalized account of Hitler's "miracle cure".

- William Bramley, The Gods of Eden

"Being labeled as such (suffering from 'psychopathic hysteria) would most certainly have resulted in Hitler being subjected to psychiatric treatment for that condition, according to Professor Ernst-Gunter Schenck.
"Other records show that Hitler's personal physician from 1936-1945, Theodore Morell, was prescribing and personally injecting Hitler with psychiatric drugs. The drugs, to which he was addicted, produced a sense of euphoria, for which Hitler expressed his extreme gratitude to Morell.
"Among the drugs he was administered were Eukodal and Pervitin. Eukodal is a narcotic similar to morphine and codeine, with the known adverse effects of euphoria and dysphoria. Pervitin is a methamphetamine, known to cause euphoria, dysphoria, severe social disabilities, personality changes and psychosis. Both are highly addictive.[
"There is considerable controversy regarding precisely when Hitler became driven to destroy the Jews and dominate the world. There is strong evidence, however, that the 'hate and pain' which characterized Hitler's speeches in 1919 and afterward, as well as his fanatical purpose, were not in evidence prior to his psychiatric treatment."

- David Bonnell (dbonnell@be1145)

"Hitler's stellar performance in Munich [identifying pro-Communist soldiers to be shot in 1919] earned him a promotion. He was assigned to the highly secret Political Department of the Army District Command. Hitler's new unit was an intelligence operation that engaged in acts of domestic terrorism. The unit refused to accept Germany's defeat in World War I and so it assassinated some of the German leaders who had negotiated Germany's surrender.
"A prominent leader of the District Command was captain Ernst Rohm. Rohm was a professional soldier who served as liaison between the District Command and the German industrialists who were directly funding the District Command to help it fight communism. Captain Rohm and many other members of the District Command were members of a mystical organization known as the 'Thule Society' [Thulegesellschaft]. The Thule believed in the Aryan super race' and it preached the coming of a German 'Messiah' who would lead Germany to glory and a new Aryan civilization. In Spear of Destiny [by Trevor Ravenscroft] we learn from Dr. Stein that the Thule group was financed by some of the very same industrialists who supported the District Command. The Thule was also directly supported by the German High Command."

- William Bramley, The Gods of Eden

"Briefly, the creed of the Thule society inner circle is as follows: Thule was a legendary island in the far north, similar to Atlantis, supposedly the center of a lost, high-level civilization. But not all secrets of that civilization had been completely wiped out. Those that remained were being guarded by ancient, highly intelligent beings (similar to the 'Masters' of Theosophy or the White Brotherhood). The truly initiated could establish contact with these beings by means of magic-mystical rituals. The 'Masters' or 'Ancients' allegedly would be able to endow the initiated with supernatural strength and energy. With the help of these energies the goal of the initiated was to create a race of Supermen of 'Aryan' stock who would exterminate all 'inferior' races."

- Wulf Schwartzwaller, The Unknown Hitler

"Many assassinations perpetrated by the District Command may have been inspired by the Thule. According to Dr. Stein, the Thule was a 'Society of Assassins'. It held secret courts and condemned people to death. It is likely that many victims murdered by the District Command had been condemned earlier in the secret courts of the Thule. Many prominent Germans supported this violence and were documented members of the Thule. For example, the Police President of Munich, Franz Gurtner, was a reported member of the innermost circle of the Thule. He later became Minister of Justice of the Third Reich."

- William Bramley, The Gods of Eden

"...At the end of the 1919...Hitler met Dietrich Eckart. Most biographers have underestimated the influence that Eckart exerted on Hitler. He was the wealthy publisher and editor-in-chief of an anti-Semitic journal which he called In Plain German. Eckart was also a committed occultist and a master of magic. As an initiate, Eckart belonged to the inner circle of the Thule society as well as other esoteric orders."

- Wulf Schwartzwaller, The Unknown Hitler

"According to Ravenscroft [Spear of Destiny], Eckart, like Hitler, first achieved transcendence through psychedelic drugs. Research on peyote by the German pharmacologist Ludwig Lewin had been published in 1886, leading to widespread popular experimentation. Later a heroin addict, in earlier days Eckart used peyote in the practice on neopagan magic in Berlin. He came to believe that he, too was the reincarnation of ninth century character. In his case it was Bernard of Barcelona, a notorious betrayer of Christianity to the Arabs and a black magician who used thaumaturgy to hold off Carolingian armies in Spain."
"Ravenscroft writes 'there can be little doubt' that both Crowley and Eckart conducted deep studies of the Arabian astrological magic performed by Klingsor's real life counterpart, Landulf II. It was to Sicily-then a Moslem stronghold-that Landulf fled after his traitorous links to Islam were disclosed. And it was in a dark tower in the mountains of the southwest corner of that island that his evil soul festered with additional bitterness over his castration by the relatives of a noblewoman he had raped. There he practiced sadistic satanism of a nature that foreshadowed the horrors of Nazi concentration camps."

- Walter Alter, "Nazi Roots in the Occult"

"There can be no doubt that Eckart - who had been alerted to Hitler by other Thulists - trained Hitler in techniques of self confidence, self projection, persuasive oratory, body language and discursive sophistry. With these tools, in a short period of time he was able to move the obscure workers party from the club and beer hall atmosphere to a mass movement. The emotion charged lay speaker became an expert orator, capable of mesmerizing a vast audience."

- Wulf Schwartzwaller, The Unknown Hitler

Hitler dedicated his book Mein Kampf to his teacher Dietrich Eckart.

(3) The German Vril

"A frequent visitor to Landsberg prison where Hitler was writing Mein Kampf with the help of Rudolf Hess, was General Karl Haushofer, a university professor and director of the Munich Institute of Geopolitics. Haushofer, Hitler, and Hess had long conversations together. Hess also kept records of these conversations. Hitler's demands for German 'living space' in the east at the expense of the Slavic nations were based on the geopolitical theories of the learned professor. Haushofer was also inclined toward the esoteric. As military attache in Japan, he had studied Zen-Buddhism. He had also gone through initiations at the hands of Tibetan lamas. He became Hitler's second 'esoteric mentor', replacing Dietrich Eckart."

- Wulf Schwartzwaller, The Unknown Hitler

"Another important mystical organization behind the formation of Nazism "was the 'Vril' Society, which had been named after a book by Lord Bulward Litton - an English Rosicrucian. Litton's book told the story of an Aryan 'super race' coming the Earth."

- William Bramley, The Gods of Eden

"In Berlin, Haushofer had founded the Luminous Lodge or the Vril Society. The Lodge's objective was to explore the origins of the Aryan race and to perform exercises in concentration to awaken the forces of 'Vril'. Haushofer was a student of the Russian magician and metaphysician Gregor Ivanovich Gurdyev (George Gurdjieff). Both Gurdjeiff and Haushofer maintained that they had contacts with secret Tibetan lodges that possessed the secret of the 'Superman'. The Lodge included Hitler, Aalfred Rosenberg, Himmler, Göring, and Hitler's subsequent personal physician Dr. Morell. It is also known that Aleister Crowley and Gurdjieff sought contact with Hitler. Hitler's unusual powers of suggestion become more understandable if one keeps in mind that he had access to the 'secret' psychological techniques of the esoteric lodges. Haushofer taught him the techniques of Gurdjieff which, in turn, were based on the teachings of the Sufis and the Tibetan lamas- and familiarized him with the Zen teaching of the Japanese Society of the Green Dragon."

- Wulf Schwartzwaller, The Unknown Hitler

"One member of the German Vril was Professor Karl Haushofer - a former employee of German military intelligence. Haushofer had been a mentor to Hitler as well as to...Rudolph Hess. (Hess had been an assistant to Haushofer at the University of Munich.) Another Vril member was the second most powerful man in Nazi Germany: Heinrich Himmler, who became head of the dreaded SS and Gestapo. Himmler incorporated the Vril Society into the Nazi Occult Bureau. Yet another mystical group was the Edelweiss Society, which preached the coming of a 'Nordic messiah'....Herman Göring had become an active member of the Edelweiss Society in 1921 while living and working in Sweden. Göring believed Hitler to be the Nordic messiah."

- William Bramley, The Gods of Eden

"The idea for the use of the swastika by the Nazis came from a dentist named Dr. Friedrich Krohn who was a member of the secret Germanen Order. Krohn produced the design for the actual form in which the Nazis came to use the symbol, that is reversed, spinning in an anti-clockwise direction. as a solar symbol, the swastika is properly thought of as spinning, and the Buddhists have always believed the symbol attracted luck. The Sanskrit word 'svastika' means good fortune and well being. According to Cabbalistic lore and occult theory, chaotic force can be evoked by reversing the symbol. And so the symbol appeared as the flag of Nazi Germany and the insignia of the Nazi party, an indication for those who had eyes to see, as to the occult nature of the Third Reich."

- Bernard Schreiber. The Men Behind Hitler

"...Houston Stewart Chamberlain, the mystic who had so influenced the Kaiser, years later declared Hitler to be the prophesied German Messiah. On September 25, 1925, the Nazi newspaper, Volkischer Beobachter, celebrated Chamberlain's seventieth birthday and declared his work, Foundations of the Twentieth Century, to be 'The Gospel of the Nazi Movement'."

- William Bramley, The Gods of Eden

(4) Himmler and the SS

"The SS had been built up by Himmler on the principles of the Order of the Jesuits...The Reichsfuhrer SS - Himmler's title as supreme head of the SS - was intended to be the counterpart of the Jesuits' General of the Order."

- Schellenber, head of the Intelligence and Security Service (SD)

"What can we do? Just what the Catholic Church did when it forced its beliefs on the heathen: preserve what can be preserved and change its meaning. We shall take the road back: Easter is no longer resurrection but the eternal renewal of our people. Christmas is the birth of our savior...Do you think these liberal priests, who have no longer a belief, only an office, will refuse to preach our God in their churches?"
- Rauschning, H., Hitler Speaks

After a lengthy quasi-mystical novitiate, SS recruits were obliged to attend "neo-pagan ceremonies of a specifically SS religion devised by Himmler himself and clearly derived from his interests in occultism and the worship of Woden."

- Francis King, Satan and the Swastika

"Himmler had abandoned his Catholic faith for spiritualism, astrology and mesmerism in his late teens. He was convinced that he was the reincarnation of Heinrich the Fowler, founder of the Saxon royal house, who died in 936. All these elements were incorporated into his SS 'religion'.
"Himmler devised new festivals to take the place of such Christian events as Christmas and Easter, he wrote out baptism and marriage ceremonies - though he believed polygamy would best serve the interests of the SS elite - and he even issued instructions on the correct manner of committing suicide.
"The center of the SS 'cult' became the castle of Wewelsburg in Westphalia, which Himmler bought as a ruin in 1934 and rebuilt over the next 11 years at a cost of 13 million marks. The central banqueting hall contained a vast round table with 13 throne-like seats to accommodate Himmler and 12 of his closest 'apostles' - making, as some occult writers have pointed out, a coven of 13. Beneath this hall was a 'Hall of the Dead', where plinths stood around a stone table. As each member of the inner circle of the SS died, his coat of arms would be burned and, together with his ashes, placed in an urn on one of these plinths for veneration."

- Richard Deacon, Spyclopaedia

"At special SS-run boys' training academies, the Yule festival was celebrated, not as the birth of Christ, but as the rising from his ashes of the 'Sun Child' at the winter solstice....What they [the rituals] involve is essentially a twentieth-century variant of the old Sol Invictus cult, to which Constantine had subscribed 1,600 years before."
"Hitler spoke of Heinrich Himmler, commander-in-chief of the SS, as 'my Ignatius Loyola'....In many respects, the SS was indeed modeled on the Jesuits, and made deliberate use of Jesuit techniques in such spheres as psychological conditioning and education. But the Jesuits themselves had derived much of their structure and organization from the still older military-religious-chivalric orders like the ducation. But the Jesuits themselves had derived much of their structure and organization from the still older military-religious-chivalric orders like the Knights Templar and the Teutonic Knights (Deutschritter)."

- Baigent, Leigh & Lincoln, The Messianic Legacy