In a television interview, A Current Affair, the mistress of Lyndon  Johnson, Madeleine Brown, described the meeting of 21st November, 1963, when she was at the home of Clint Murchison. Others at the meeting included Harold L. Hunt, J. Edgar Hoover, Clyde Tolson, John J. McCloy and Richard Nixon. At the end of the evening Lyndon B. Johnson arrived...

"Tension filled the room upon his arrival. The group immediately went behind closed doors. A short time later Lyndon, anxious and red-faced, reappeared... Squeezing my hand so hard, it felt crushed from the pressure, he spoke with a grating whisper, a quiet growl, into my ear, not a love message, but one I'll always remember: "After tomorrow those goddamn Kennedys will never embarrass me again - that's no threat - that's a promise.".

It's important to note that John J. McCloy was a member of the now discredited Warren Commission which "investigated" the assassination, appointed by none other than Johnson. Nixon himself was in Dallas on the day of the assassination.

Dallas Morning News, November 22, 1963. The day of President Kennedy's assassination

The lead prosecutor in this so called investigation is Sen Arlen Specter. Today, he is Chairman of the Senate Judiciary Committee, insuring that while he is alive, the miscarriage of justice perpetrated on an American president will never be addressed.


The 8 Red Swastikas

"The idea for the use of the swastika by the Nazis came from a dentist named Dr. Friedrich Krohn, who was a member of the secret Germanen Order [a Masonic sect, a.k.a the Thule Society]. Krohn produced the design for the actual form in which the Nazis came to use the symbol, that is reversed....According to Cabalistic lore and occult theory, chaotic force can be evoked by reversing the symbol..."

Bernard Schreiber, The Men Behind Hitler

According to the Encyclopedia of Freemasonry,

"It is certain that onomatology, or the science of names, forms a very interesting part of the investigations of the higher Masonry...."

Numerology is also critical. The Druids believed magic or (magick) spells could only work on certain dates.

The Cable-tow

Used in masonic initiation rituals originated in Druidism

Click to enlarge
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The Swastika in England

British Druids at Stonehenge.  Note the swastika on the priest.  This is very much in keeping with Thomas Paine's exposition of freemasonry, which denotes the Druidic roots in Britain.

"To come then at once to the point, Masonry (as I shall show from the customs, ceremonies, hieroglyphics, and chronology of Masonry) is derived and is the remains of the religion of the ancient Druids; who, like the Magi of Persia and the Priests of Heliopolis in Egypt, were Priests of the Sun."

Thomas Paine, "Origin of Freemasonry"

Click to enlarge

The Secret Docrtine

Occultist Madame Helena P. Blavatsky, 19th century Russian founder of the Theosophical Society. In 1888, Blavatsky published "The Secret Doctrine," which purported to show how the universe had passed through seven cycles; each cycle associated with seven races. She identified the present time as the fourth cycle. This period was to be dominated by the fifth root race, a race of supermen she called the Aryans. Blavatsky claimed that of all the mystical symbols revealed to her the most powerful was the sign of the Aryan, the swastika. This was to become the emblem of her Theosophical Society.

The Thule emblem was named after the mythical Nordic homeland of the Aryan race-- its masonic lodge in Munich the birthplace of Nazi Party on Jan 19, 1919. The idea for German Workers Party was suggested by a  Thule locksmith, Anton Drexler.  The Thule's curved swastika was also the emblem of the SS Nordland tank division.

British Swastikas

During World War 1, the swastika was used on the emblems of the British National War Savings Committee. 

On July 16, 1996, Nazi swastikas desecrated the Special Forces barracks at Fort Bragg, N.C. 8 doors were painted with red swastikas the day before Flight 800 explodes near Long Island.

July 17, 1996, when flight 800 was shot down, was also Iraq's National Liberation Day.  Moreover, at the time, Oklahoma City Klan leader Dennis Mahon, then Imperial Wizard, boasted of white supremacist ties to Iraq.

Now why would some neo-Nazi vandal paint 8 red swastikas when he could leave the same message with one? Coupled with events that would transpire the following day, and assuming the culprit was stationed in Fort Bragg; we know it's a signal-- a thinly veiled allusion to Flight 800's downing the next day. A shot in the dark? Read on....

Soon after the radar images of the TWA 800 were being published in Paris Match, Clinton signed the Executive Order #13039 which excluded the Naval Special Warfare Development Group from the federal whistle-blower protection program. This is critical, because the said group was the first at the scene of the explosion.

The Federal Labor-Management Relations Program provides an avenue for workers to complain of inappropriate treatment and to report wrongdoing without fear of reprisal. In essence, this Executive Order gagged the Naval Special Warfare Development Group from these protections and has enabled the present cover-up above anything else.

International DeMolay Week

Months later, on March 12, 1997, the same day Clinton signed the naval gag order, the Executive Order for the

Exclusion of the Naval Special Warfare Development Group; he also sent a letter to the International Supreme Council Order of DeMolay in celebration of International DeMolay Week (DeMolay was executed in March, 1313. This is the same Jacques DeMolay whom the Klan  believe was the previous incarnation of the Albert Pike; the Tennessee Ku Klux Klan Chief Judicial Officer presently enshrined in the Scottish Rite's temple headquarters in Washington D.C.)

Now remember the 8 red swastikas painted in the barrack doors at Fort Bragg, N.C., the day before the downing. Then consider the Druidic rich "bible" of the Klan and neo-Nazis, Aleister Crowley's "The Book of the Law." In Chapter II, Item 15, Crowley writes

"For I am perfect, being Not; and my number is nine by the fools; but with the just I am 8, and 1 in 8: Which is vital, for I am none indeed..." (The Nazis found the book so influential that when Crowley read "Hitler Speaks"; he quipped that Hitler sounded like he was quoting from the "Book of the Law.")

Assuming the downing of Flight 800 was an act of domestic terrorism, and knowing the neo-Nazi/Klan's penchant for symbolism, numerology, onomatology and Druid sorcery; what kind of statement would the choice of airports make?

Again, the doomed flight was from New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport to Charles DeGaulle International Airport in Paris. From a purely symbolic perspective, this may reveal something:

  • DeGaulle's birthday is on November 22.
  • John F. Kennedy was murdered on November 22.

November is the 11th month, the 22nd day marks the date of one birth (DeGaulle) and one death (Kennedy). That is, it's a masonic allusion to death and rebirth.

11+22= 33
There are 33 Degrees in the Scottish Rite.
The Scottish Rite created the Ku Klux Klan under their Sovereign Grand Commander, Albert Pike.

In World War II, both Kennedy and DeGaulle were war heroes, and both fought the Axis Powers, which to mystics was the army of the Anti-Christ: Kennedy fought in the Pacific and DeGaulle in France.

Both Kennedy and DeGaulle were Catholics.

President Kennedy was particularly despised by the neo-Nazis-Klan and masonic segregationists in the Scottish Rite. He was our first and only Catholic president, and due to an 800 year dispute between the freemasons and Catholicism, Kennedy was dismissed by the nation's freemasons as a "Pope in the White House" for his stand on civil rights. (The recent, devastating riots in Ireland over the Orangemen's marches through Catholic enclaves is a case in point in regards to the ongoing feud between the Catholics and the freemasons.)

In the Civil War, it was the freemasons who most fiercely opposed freeing the slaves in both the North and the South. According to Gen. Lafayette Baker, in the Lincoln, Kennedy and King assassinations; only 8 people allegedly knew all the conspirators. The Army intelligence team in Memphis that was tracking Martin Luther King, Jr. consisted of 8 men from the Special Forces, or Green Berets. These reported to FBI Director J. Edgar Hoover, a 33rd Degree Scottish Rite Freemason, on the day of King's murder. (Los Angeles Times, January 5, 1997 pg.A14)

The study of motive is an intangible realm, and that's what this is. Even the contention that the downing of Flight 800 is an accidental navy downing is tacitly undermined by the numerous "coincidences" suggesting sabotage and premeditation...starting with 8 red swastikas painted at Fort Bragg's 82nd Airborne barracks the day before the downing, and ending with 8 dead soldiers at Fort Bragg on July 8, 1997; involving the same 82nd Airborne.

Druidism in America: Christmas, Easter, Halloween

The Druid influence in the United States is paradoxically unknown as it is overwhelming. Christmas and Easter, along with Halloween, are perfect examples. Christmas trees, and the Easter Bunny originate in Druid symbolism and rites. (The reader is encouraged to research this matter further to quell any doubts.)

The Druid high priest, Klan mason, or even Apprentice mason may recognize the following calling cards:

The magic of the Druids, from runes to ritual human sacrifice, is the magic of the Nazis. It is seen as purer because it rejects all pretense of Jewish origin.

The backwards swastika represents Adolf Hitler, an Antichrist that revived the ancient practice of Druid devil worship and ritual sacrifice. The red paint represents the blood Druid priests used to paint the pentagram on the doors of households who refused to surrender their kin or staff for sacrificial holiday rituals in tribute to the Lord of the Dead, Samhain.

The Druids practiced human sacrifice 8 times a year known as Major and Minor Sabbaths.

Did Richard Clarke pressure the FBI to reverse it's initial assertion that it was a possible missile attack?

The NTSB's Cruelest Whitewash

"In the weeks following Sept. 11, 2001, several political insiders referred to the destruction of Flight 800 as a terrorist incident. But only one did it twice. That person is Sen. John Kerry of Massachusetts. Appearing on Larry King Live on Sept. 11 itself, Kerry suggested that TWA Flight 800 was brought down by a terrorist act."

The Stinger Missile

A shoulder-launched, surface-to-air Stinger missile,   the same kind the FBI had trawled for in the TWA Flight 800 downing...and the same kind that had been stolen in a spate of 1996 munitions robberies at military bases nationwide.

Click to enlarge

Finally Admitting Stinger Missiles a Threat

LA Times article on efforts to combat shoulder fired missiles

(Click to enlarge)

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The Wreckage Itself as Best Evidence

Location of bomb pellets in fuselage (Click image to enlarge)

Metallurgy reports of pellets found in the bodies matched the size of these holes, and unless a disgruntled jet wheel and its ball bearing assembly moseyed into the cabin mid-flight and without reason exploded with great force, with the bearings simultaneously changing size to match the pellets in the bodies, these were definitely NOT from ball bearings, nor the little ball bearing in pens, or any other crock of shit political assets in the news media will throw at you. (Click image to enlarge)  

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Radar image of missile hit, July 16, 1996, one of the few to be circulated by the FAA before Clinton ordered the confiscation and sealing of all radar related to Flight 800.(Click to enlarge)

Mystery missile featured in Paris Match, photographed moments before Flight 800 exploded. (Click to enlarge)    CNN live coverage

Expose the Klan's Involvement with Iraq, This Man Can be Charged with Treason

Among those who pressured the FBI to seal the metallurgical reports indicating missile fragments were found in the victims, none was more pivotal than Richard Clarke. Because international terrorism had united with the Klan since Oklahoma City, he advised doing nothing as exposing the Klan fully would end the career of Senators Congressmen, and judges in both parties. Is Clarke a shrill and imbecilic Klan apologist or is he simply being smeared? why is he is so insistent on selling the notion that Saddam wasn't involved in terrorism or WMDs?  For the answer to these questions,, have a look at this.

Why Clarke Wasn't Trusted by Rice

Clarke argued that the Klan could not be tied to Timothy McVeigh, despite over 3,000 FBI documents he was the first to see, which proved the contrary. He argued that the Klan was more interested in adopting highways, when Dr. Rice herself came from a town where they regularly bombed black churches and lynched those hoping to register black voters.... Seriously, even now, the beady-eyed little tard still wonders why she didn't trust him.

Appointing Condie Rice, a black woman to the post of National Security Advisor was a bold move by President Bush, and a wise one. It made her Richard Clarke's boss, and it insured the Klan's domestic terrorism would not be tolerated as it was under Clinton, Lott and Gingrich. It didn't stop 9-11, but then again, "former" segregationist Trent Lott was still Senate Majority leader, still  protecting his Templar kin, hoisting the Confederate flag in the Senate chambers, and giving sponge baths to an unrepentant Klansman, Sen. Strom Thurmond. Lott was Senate Majority leader until December 20, 2002, when he was forced to resign for suggesting the nation's worst troubles, such as domestic terrorism, would have been avoided if segregation prevailed and civil rights laws had never been enacted.

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This Wasn't the First Time the Klan WAS the Law. Nor the Last...

Murdered civil rights workers Andrew Goodman, James Earl Chaney, Michael Henry Schwerner. The suspects are chuckling not just because they knew they wouldn't be convicted, but because they had allies inside the prosecuting team that would undermine the case against them. In 1964, the Klan had two "former" members on the Supreme Court itself. 30 years later, little changed.

Under Gingrich's wink and nod, 1994 was a time when the Republicans actually let a Klan leader, David Duke, openly run for Congress in Louisiana under the GOP banner. Using militias to subtly indoctrinate Americans, the Klan could remind recruits they were a force to be reckoned with, even then. They could point to  governors, senators and congressmen who were tacitly sympathetic, and consequently, appointed likeminded brethren to hobble or control critical law enforcement agencies.

Click to enlarge

(click to enlarge)

Another Klansman never prosecuted for the murder of the 3 Civil Rights Workers Above

What the preacher did in this story is precisely the problem we're facing now. Only instead of people like the preacher here, were talking Senators, Congressmen, federal judges. Pictured is Klan leader Edgar Ray Kellin.

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 (Click to enlarge)

Evidence Pointing To Klan in OKC Withheld

The Oklahoma City Bombing  

3,000 FBI documents pointing to Klan involvement in the OKC bombing were unlawfully withheld in the McVeigh Trial., thus insuring immunity for Klan accomplices.

Click to enlarge

The Klan has Rights You Don't

One example is freedom of speech and assembly. This was best illustrated during the Democratic and Republican conventions. In both cases, peaceful protesters were denied free assembly in Boston and New York.

At the DNC convention in the summer of 2004, protesters were blatantly denied freedom of assembly. They were "for security purposes" forced to assemble behind this barbed wired fence above, under armed guards, out of view from the delegates.

Similarly,   anti-war protesters were barred from assembling in Central Park during the GOP convention.

See any barbed wire fences around the Klan rallies pictured here?

What's wrong with this picture?

The Klan mother above has her rights protected, particularly her right to due process, redress of grievances, free speech and assembly.

The OKC bombing victims below, however, have none of these rights or equal protection under the law. The sealing of key OKC documents, for example, made any true redress of grievances impossible.

Inasmuch as these rights threatens the interests and careers of Klansmen and sympathizers still in high office and law enforcement., these civil rights are exclusive to the KKK, and we're all second class citizens to the Klan.

Click to enlarge
US soldiers in Iraq  stand beside mural of Saddam celebrating 9-11. (click to enlarge)

The Oklahoma City Klan Leader who Rallied for Saddam

"[Dennis Mahon] boasts of his connections to Saddam Husseinís intelligence service and admits to having been in its pay, beginning during the Persian Gulf War, when he organized several rallies for Iraq. During an interview with a Brazilian television crew, Mahon unrolled and proudly held up a poster of Yasir Arafat, reportedly one of his heroes."

The New American- OKC's Middle East Connection on former Oklahoma City Klan leader Dennis Mahon, partially clad in militia gear.

The Middle-East Connection to Timothy McVeigh"

The [motel] owner says McVeigh was with several Iraqis. He and several of his employees picked out their faces from a photo spread provided by Davis and KFOR-TV... One of the Iraqis, Hussain Alhussaini, later came forward and identified himself as the person being fingered in Davisí reports as [the FBI's] John Doe No. 2."

"Secrets of Timoty McVeigh" Jim Crogaan LA Weekly News.

The Kloran

The Ku Klux Klan, influenced by the Scottish Rite, call their handbook the Kloran, an obvious reference to  the Islamic Koran. The Klan burns the cross, despite its so-called Christianity, and also appeals to terror; another parallel to the anti-Christian Islamic fanatic.

Neo-Nazi Leader Seeks Arab Support 01-26-04
Islam's Unholy Alliance with Neo-Nazis, Leftists - 12-29-03
"Secrets of Timoty McVeigh" Jim Crogaan LA Weekly News.

Like their Jew-Hating Western Kin, Hamas Dons the White Robe and Hood

Palestinian Hamas suicide bombers, prepare for the catwalk.

Are these terrorists taking a fashion cue from their terrorist kin in the west?

Below, Klansmen leaving rally at a courthouse in Jasper, Texas. It was held at the trial of John King, a Klansmen convicted in the dragging death of James Byrd. Here, residents show their approval.

The Shriner's Fez

The Scottish Rite (which created the Klan) is awash in Muslim influence. For example, the Shriners, 33rd degree SR masons, sport a fez. Made of red felt or cloth with a silk tassel, it is worn especially by Muslim men throughout the eastern Mediterranean region either as a separate headgear or as the inner part of the turban. That said, is it any wonder that the fiercest critics of the war in Iraq are also Scottish Rite masons, such as Sen.Fritz Hollings and  Sen. Robert Byrd?

Examples of Terrorist Activity Falsely Attributed to "isolated individuals"

Imagine calling every terrorist attack in Israel the isolated acts of lone nuts or "splinter cells" unlinked to terrorist organizations like HAMAS or the PLO. Yet this is what the US media does when discussing Klan terrorism. Why?

Continuing an allegiance to both the Confederacy and the Nazis, both which killed hundreds of thousands of Americans, Klansmen still call themselves patriots.


The Atlanta Child Murders FBI documents and exculpatory evidence revealing Klan involvement suppressed at Wayne Williams trial.  Fingerprint evidence on pornographic material found at burial site of victims points to known and uncharged Klansman, eyewitnesses descriptions match uncharged suspect as well. Full story: The Atlanta Child Murders


The Oklahoma City Bombing  Full story: Nowhere to Run


Black Church Arsons: nationwide campaign of resulting in hundreds of church burnings  Full story: Nowhere to Run

Klan Church Arsonists source: PBS- Forgotten Fires Timothy Welch, Klan Arsonist, Inmate

Klan Church Arson Victims  Rev. Mouzon, Macedonia Baptist Church source:  PBS- Forgotten Fires


The Centennial Park Bombing Full story: The Atlanta Child Murders


The Columbine Massacre : Note that Eric Harris, Dylan Klebold discussed a plan for hijacking a plane and crashing it into New York City. Also, Harris' web site reveals Scottish Rite/Klan symbolism and ideology, noted in video. Eyewitness reports and physical evidence of additional shooters, such as bullet holes and fragments in paneling and doorways, is destroyed in the "remodeling and repair" of school building. Autopsy reports pointing to more than two shooters is sealed. Questions surface as to whether Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold actually committed suicide, or were executed by a third party to conceal the extent of the operation.


Klan attempts to destroy Dallas power plant, plan thwarted


Klan poison gas attack thwarted, major arms cache discovered.


Aryan Nation leader seeks Muslim support

 Centennial Park Bombing and Black Church Arsons

At the same time, the summer of 1996, the greatest epidemic of church burnings in the nation's history transpired. Just in case anyone had any doubts....the Klan made sure to leave their calling cards, such as this one from a Dallas raid  in 2003.

Ten days after Flight 800 exploded, the Centennial Park Bombing occurred, as promised by the Klan. The first to be arrested was Richard Jewell, a security guard whose actions saved the lives of dozens.  Eventually cleared, attention focused on Eric Rudolf, (pictured) a Klan bomber.

TWA Flight 800: Missile Shrapnel in the Victims (PDF)

  What they found they will contest in court before telling you...because apparently, an unproven theoretical  "mechanical failure" is a threat to national security.

Click to enlarge

(Click to enlarge)

Clinton's Favorite Toilet Paper No Longer Charmin

Flight 800 Eyewitness Reports Finally Trump Charmin Ultrasoft

Click to enlarge
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Some of the 270 police reports of a "flare" or "missile" approaching Flight 800 before it exploded. Men have been executed on the testimony of 1 witness, let alone 270 (Click to enlarge)

Flight 800: The FBI Search for a Stinger Missile.

What did they find that we do know for sure? This may clue you in... As will this: Senator Clinton Asks for Shoulder-Fired Missile Defense (click images below to enlarge)

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the northeastern blackout of 2003

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CBS 11 Investigates the Klan's Nov. 2003 Poison Gas Plot

The Dallas FBI also broke up a terror plot by members of the Ku Klux Klan to blow up a Wise County power plant.

Why isn't the Klan deemed a terrorist organization?

Former Dallas FBI Special Agent in Charge Danny Coulson was involved in the nationís first stand-offs with domestic anti-government groups and mounted some of the first intensive domestic terror investigations. He cautioned that authorities should take care not to forget about domestic groups while concentrating on foreign ones."

Click to enlarge
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The 14th Amendment was Meant to Prevent This

The 14th Amendment was written to prevent scenes like this, which were rampant throughout the south in 1868. Congress soon realized that oath-bound Klansmen could not abide by the Constitution, and therefore could not be expected to protect it.  (click to enlarge)

The blood itself was drawn from the corpse of a murdered victim pulled through the countryside with a cabletow. A more obvious allusion to this Druid holiday is  Samhain, which the holiest of all the Druid holidays. The mass human sacrifices would take place between October 29-31, and involved burning victims alive in 25 ft. "Wicker Men" and/or wicker cages; this in tribute to Samhain and the demon god of fire, Kernos. At midnight, on October 31st., the Celtic New Year would begin. So this held great significance to the Celts, and especially their priests, the Druids. A major problem would arise once the departed spirits had been summoned, though-- nothing could guarantee thburning victims alive in 25 ft. "Wicker Men" and/or wicker cages; this in tribute to Samhain and the demon god of fire, Kernos. At midnight, on October 31st., the Celtic New Year would begin. So this held great significance to the Celts, and especially their priests, the Druids. A major problem would arise once the departed spirits had been summoned, though-- nothing could guarantee that the demonic spirits could be controlled. To achieve this end, the Druid priests had devised costumes, which had demonic faces painted onto masks to control the spirits. It is believed by many that this is the origin of the Halloween costumes which are used today.

The TWA Flight 800 Disinformation Campaign

The FBI Stinger Missile Evidence: Why the Myth of Mechanical Failure is Still Alive

Lately, we've been hearing a lot about the abuse of the term "national security" and how under this pretense, just about any form of corruption could be concealed indefinitely. While the Bush Administration is often criticized- rightfully so- for appealing to it far too readily after 9-11, it is an odious practice that every president has appealed to since Johnson. (See Judge Grants Immortality to Presidential Privilege National Security Archives.)

We are currently in a state of war. As such, it's not surprising there will be more secrecy than we're accustomed to. But in 1996, we were not at war. And in that year, no doubt out of respect for your intelligence, President Clinton decided that "accident findings" in the TWA Flight 800 explosion constituted a threat to national security. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to realize that this is absurd. If it was an accident, then the findings of every commercial airline crash can and should be concealed under the pretense of national security, until somehow, some way- we find a cure or vaccine for accidents.

As we'll see from the evidence at hand and eyewitness reports, it was a terrorist act. It was investigated as such from day one, but because prosecuting it as one made it impossible to treat as an "accident", the suspects were free to try again. And this they did. You hear a lot about the 9-11 terrorists who went freely about the US before 9-11, tracked by the FBI but never arrested. They were known, but someone kept the FBI from doing its job. This too, shall be addressed.

Click to enlarge

Was Flight 800 linked to 9-11? Were the terrorist helped by white supremacists (Klan militia fronts) whom the FBI had known formed long-established ties to middle eastern terrorists? Indeed, even Eric Harris- one of the two killers and white supremacists in the Columbine Massacre- noted in his diary of plans to hijack planes and crash them into New York City. This was long before 9-11. It was a dream of the Klan since it was perceived as the heart of Jewish economic tyranny, and it was a dream that evidently trickled down to Harris. The Harris video in question is here.

This week, while MSNBC and other network news assets offer a "tribute" to the victims of Flight 800 by promulgating the unproven hypothesis of mechanical failure in the TWA Flight 800 explosion, let's take a look at what the FBI was looking for as soon as they arrived on the scene of the crime. (And it was a crime, because the FBI doesn't frequent accidents, nor control their investigations from day one.) Some questions we'll address:

Why would the Clinton Administration [Richard Clarke] lie and who was protected in the disinformation campaign?

Why were over 270 eyewitnesses to a missile or possible missile immediately dismissed by press assets in inexplicable reversals

Why were the Air Traffic Control tapes confiscated and never returned?

Why are the last few moments of the black box recordings missing?

Why is the current theory of mechanical failure- a spark causing the tanks to explode- technically impossible to duplicate? (e.g. the supporting beams bowed inward at the point of the explosion, as opposed to outwards, as physics and common sense would suggest in a fuel tank explosion).

Since the theory has never been reproduced in a controlled environment- ever- why is it promulgated as fact by the media? (The best they could do was a CIA cartoon that also defied the laws of physics and deliberately contradicted over 270 eyewitness reports!) If it was an accident, why are most of the key investigative findings and evidence still sealed almost 10 years later under the pretense of National Security?

From autopsy reports denoting missile shrapnel in the victims to air traffic control tapes confiscated and never returned, isn't secrecy the last thing you would apply to accident findings?

The networks and mainstream media, alongside discredited and corrupt partisan officials appointed to obstruct investigations, think you're too stupid to see through this. Are you?

What they found is now sealed and being contested in court. But if it was "mechanical failure", why is the disclosure of these files a "threat to national security"?

At the time of the Flight 800 explosion, few insiders believed it was anything other than a terrorist attack. However, the consensus was, thanks to Richard Clarke, that the true cause needed to be concealed from the public. It was speculated that perhaps the main reason for this secrecy was economics: if the US public knew Flight 800 was downed by a terrorist with shoulder-fired missile, the airline industry would collapse when customers became too scared to fly, and the results would be a costly multi-billion dollar airline industry bailout, along with having have a disastrous impact on the international tourism Atlanta expected when hosting the upcoming 1996 Summer Olympics. Who would want to fly in? Why tell the truth and let panic to ruin the celebration of the games? or ruin the international business that the city of Atlanta was counting on?

This was a common theory for the secrecy, not the cause of the disaster,  that floated around at the time. Another was that the navy accidentally shot it down in a training exercise called "Operation Global Yankee" and it also was plausible. When it came to discussing the secrecy of TWA Flight 800 investigation, the confiscated radar data, the last 5 seconds on the black box data, the contradictions and doublespeak, etc., everyone knew there was a cover-up, but few could guess why. They just knew it was downed but not exactly who or why.

Among those insiders who believed it was a terrorist attack, most believed that the downing was a follow-up attack to  the Oklahoma City Bombing and that it involved white supremacists, umbrella groups of the Klan whom were at the time, burning down black churches across the nation in the hundreds; and who were also involved in OKC and planned the attack with Timothy McVeigh in Elohim City. Despite this, the Clinton administration, as well as the right-wing Republican leadership under Trent Lott and Newt Gingrich, all chose to do worse than nothing... they abetted and comforted the enemy by not looking for additional suspects after the arrest of McVeigh, insuring known accomplices would plan another attack as virtual "untouchables".

The most disturbing aspect of Flight 800 was the realization that domestic terrorists had struck an alliance with an enemy power since Oklahoma City, and that by choosing to ignore this critical element Flight 800 inevitably came to pass. July 17 was, after all, an Iraqi national holiday akin to our 4th of July: National Liberation Day. Iraq had already been bombed by Clinton before Flight 800, when he showered Iraq with cruise missiles as retaliation for a plot to kill George H. Bush. Saddam did have a motive.

The Waco Massacre: How it Boosted Klan Recruitment

Yes, it was a massacre. No matter how you look at at, men, women and children were burned alive in a botched assault that could have easily been avoided had David Koresh been peacefully arrested when he went out shopping for supplies. Instead, Clinton had to make it a gun control infomercial, a psychodrama to involve viewers and educate them on the horrors of the 2nd amendment. It would show Americans how neat it was to have a police state that protected "molested children" by burning them alive. It was seen as Clinton's massacre, and the truth is that by not accepting responsibility for the mistake, like Kennedy did when he took blame for the Bay of Pigs fiasco, the offense to Americans was doubled.

The Klan didn't need polls to know the American public saw through the media spin and the latter proved it by turning over the House and Senate to the GOP. (Americans were soon in for a rude awakening, the Republicans brushed over Waco with toothless commissions that amounted to absolutely nothing.)

Even now, however, few blame Koresh for the massacre. It's all on a C-SPAN tape, with the clarity of the Zapruder film, and even at a better angle. The federal government, the "UN lackey", was out of control, and only the Klan with its "patriotic" history, connections in DC, and Templar pals in the Scottish Rite could save the day. How? by staging another coup, which eventually culminated in Clinton's impeachment. As was the case with Lincoln and Kennedy, right-wing extremists were involved more than most dare imagine. But unlike Lincoln and Kennedy, Clinton was no hero...he was a product of Mena, Arkansas, and even when playing JFK in the Oval Office, couldn't do better than boinkiing a fat chick. Clinton was simply a lesser evil from two dangerous and entrenched Washington cabals  Compared to the Templar Klan apologists the far right offered, such as Pat Buchanan and Bob Dole, Clinton was the Son of God.

The far-right in DC, seeing the Klan's nascent militia drives and penchant for a violent overthrow wasn't popular, sought to appease unruly Klaverns in the Invisible Empire through legal means. This still-born coup was the impeachment of President Clinton. Regardless, that which was feared most should Dole have won, the pardoning of Klan terrorism by the executive branch, still happened when Clinton realized he was about to be impeached.

The Klan had deftly used the massacre at Waco to recruit followers in the schools, prisons, army, navy, everywhere...and it worked. The recruitment worked so well they gathered enough followers to go national; and to create the greatest arson attack against black churches in US history. Militias popped up in almost every state. Pete Wilson, the governor of America's largest state, California, became the Aryan Nation Hero of the Year in 1995. Publicly, he refused the dubious honor, but privately he gladly accepted their money when  campaigning for president in 1996, on an anti-immigration platform geared for the cross-burning demographic.

Rally 'round the Stars and Bars

At the time, the Klan's Invisible Empire was still hoping to incite a race war by using the banner of Waco and white separatist Randy Weaver. The Klan's terrorism between 1979 and now remains well-documented by the FBI, ATF, and even CIA but was virtually ignored by the media. Why? Because we still have high ranking leaders in both parties who were members of the Ku Klux Klan, ex-Klansmen who would like to stay in office and do it be refusing to designate the Ku Klux Klan as a terrorist organization.

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In 1995, the Klan, having united with the international neo-Nazi movement since the late 70s, actually had cells in US army bases in Germany, making the Aryan Nation and Klan virtually one and the same. Under Gingrich's wink and nod, 1994 was a time when the Republicans let a Klan leader, David Duke, use their banner to openly run for Congress in Louisiana. News assets friendly to the extreme-right promulgated Confederate flag controversies that erupted in the south, and these were by design. They claimed it was about culture and heritage, but the real reason was psychology, i.e. social conditioning.

For the South, the message was clear. This was the flag they were fighting for. The deliberate polarization implied the federals were the enemy, and that enemy was to be associated to the flag it flew: the Stars and Stripes. When the KKK or Aryan Nation rallied through main streets across the USA with the Confederate flag, it was a not-too-subtle suggestion that these Klansmen were not terrorists but "patriots" and were maligned by the "liberal media".

Media assets (particularly well-known print, television and radio personalities) literally became the third party that pitted Americans against each other. In fact syndicated columnist Pat Buchanan, one of these media assets, actually ran for president in 1996 and 2000 on a platform that was the Klan's wet dream. And more than anyone, Buchanan jumped on the Confederate flag controversy, hoping to tap into the angry white vote. In doing so, Buchanan proved beyond any reasonable doubt that the divisive Confederate flag controversy was media driven and exacerbated.

The broadcast media thus programmed a subliminal association of war flags and their respective bearers:

Many Southerners now saw the Confederate flag, once a neutral association, as a sovereign flag apart from, and equal to, the US Stars and Stripes. This was precisely the same status of the Confederate flag during the Civil War.

For better or worse, Southerners and the Klan were on the same team now, since their "cultural heritage" was "under attack" (these were Buchanan's own terms and they caught on like wildfire). This bought the Klan added legitimacy as right-wing news assets pitted brother against brother, North against South, in the hyped flag controversy.

At a subliminal level, many also saw the American Stars and Stripes as an enemy flag, a symbol of occupation. And they couldn't avoid doing it, there was a time in the deep South when it was just that. This was the flag of the Federals, and the people they had now risen up against to "protect their heritage"

  Can a flag controversy really bring a nation to war? The precedent was there just about ten years earlier, as this video should illustrate.

The Two-Pronged Neo-Segregationist Attack on Minority Schooling: keep them dumb and keep them out

In addition to this, western states began efforts to bring legitimacy to Klan ideology, e.g. racial purity was at stake and segregation was the best solution. It was then the anti-immigrant movement exploded in California under Pete Wilson. The governor championed Prop. 187, a measure to bar immigrant children from schools and health care. (It was later declared unconstitutional). Wilson's attack on affirmative action, which also begin in California soon afterwards, was more successful, and it spread. It was targeted mainly at blacks; the underlying message being that immigrants and blacks are victimizing whites and thus unworthy of equal status or protections under the law. 

Both 187 and 209 (the attack on affirmative action), were focused mostly on schooling: the former on primary and secondary education, the latter on college education. The most insidious aspect of these measures was their attempt not just widen the gap between the upper class and poor, but to create a second class citizen with no higher education or in the case of immigrants, no primary or secondary schooling at all.

The medium through which most of this propaganda was channeled was talk radio, but TV chimed in when Rush Limbaugh got his own show, and the era "white victimization" began. Indeed, whites were being victimized and taken advantage of. The gut instinct was right on the money, but the true antagonist was not. They were victimized by leaders manipulating them by their basest instincts, hate and fear, that they might suspend better judgment and act against their own interests.

Don't underestimate talk radio... radio, not to mention television, is a very powerful propaganda tool.

Around the same time this was happening, at the Atlanta headquarters of CNN, an army psychological operations unit from Fort Bragg had been hired to assist in programming. To this day, little is known about the specific role they had at CNN, other than they shouldn't have been there; we were not at war. What is also known is that the Confederate flag's national spotlight  began here. Remember the nationwide Klan-led militia movements, and the motives behind the attempt to bring prestige and honor to the Confederate flag becomes quite clear. All of these scattered militias needed a unifying flag to rally under, and it was the Confederate flag.

Using militias to indoctrinate Americans, the Klan could remind skeptical recruits they were a force to be reckoned with, even then. They could point to recent Supreme Court Judges who were Klan leaders, such as Chief Justice Earl Warren and Hugo Black. They could point to Klan atrocities that were either blamed on a "lone nut" or simply ignored by crooked local law enforcement officials unwilling to arrest their own and be labeled a "race traitor". At the national level, they could point to governors, senators and congressmen who were tacitly sympathetic to the Klan and its nascent militia movement; men who quietly appointed likeminded brethren to hobble or control critical law enforcement agencies. These newly compromised agencies, both federal and local, turned a blind eye to everything that pointed to the Klan or its umbrella groups, particularly in OKC. Consistently, and to this day, these compromised  agencies mischaracterize every large scale terrorist operation involving the Klan's international cabal as an isolated aberration of "splinter cells" not tied to the Klan, or done by one or two people acting on their own.

Stop for a minute and think about that...

It was the equivalent of saying all the suicide bombers to hit Israel were isolated "lone nuts" with no ties to the PLO or Hamas, acting on their own accord.

A good example of this aforementioned subversion of federal  law enforcement is Democratic Sen. Robert Byrd, of W. Virginia, who was a Klan recruiter. He illustrates the sobering reality that even the Democrats won't purge its own of "ex-Klansmen" whom are afraid to confront the magnitude of unaddressed Klan terrorism because it might reflect badly on them. As for the Republicans, as late as 2002, they were still giving parties for the Klan's most revered standard-bearer, Sen. Strom Thurmond.

Byrd is mentioned here because he is, in fact, the most dangerous face of the Klan. The most dangerous face of the Klan is not the angry, monosyllabic redneck hiding under a hood, but the polished and kindly gentleman that "found God" and the error of his ways. But the apostle Paul he is not. No scales fell from Byrd's eyes after seeing Jesus. He didn't attack the Klan from within, warn Americans, or resign so that an uncompromised candidate could replace him. He just found God and walked away. Moreover, Byrd is a man with enough legal training to argue his way into staying in office despite the 14th amendment which was written, and ratified in 1868, to explicitly to bar former Klansmen from holding office.

"No person shall be a Senator or Representative in Congress...who, having previously taken an support the Constitution of the United States, engaged in insurrection or rebellion against the same, or given aid or comfort to the enemies thereof..."

14th Amendment, US Constitution

Covering up Klan involvement in Oklahoma City sounds like giving aid and comfort to the enemies of US Constitution. But I guess that's just me. Despite this, Byrd and his ilk in both parties have reason to be smug. The Supreme Court won't touch them, a matter which will be discussed presently.

In 1996, for those of you with a short memory, the entire nation went through a period of church arsons unparalleled in US history. The Klan made no secret it was divided against some uppity ex-members still in power in DC, such as Sen. Robert Byrd or Fritz "Sen. Disney" Hollings. They were divided, but the rift wasn't enough to destroy the immunity Klan terrorists had enjoyed since 1939, when Hugo Black became the first Klansman to become Supreme Court Justice.

The obvious was covered up, many in the the Klan gleefully boasted of downing Flight 800, yet the unproven "mechanical failure theory" was promulgated as gospel by unethical, partisan news assets.  Eventually, the lie was repeated often to be believed. Just remember though, that not once has CNN, ABC, PBS, NBC, FOX, CBS, etc. ever disclosed this simple glaring fact:

The so-called "mechanical failure theory" has never been duplicated in any controlled environment. EVER. For the first time in history, the NTSB offered a crash theory they had not first duplicated in experiments. They tried, to be sure, but the fuel vapors proved too rich to ignite! (More on these tests coming soon.)

Now, one thing that has been duplicated in a controlled environment  many times, particularly one night over Long Island in July of 1996, is the  downing a plane with a stinger missile. If you believe the NTSB, however, there is no evidence that a missile designed to blow up plane could do just that. They insure us that anyone who believes such a missile can down a plane is a conspiracy nut "showing off" their mastery of high school physics. Anyone who believes in such "fantasies" as self-interest and political corruption influencing NTSB appointments and findings remains unwelcome in the debate, even if he was a former NTSB official willing to testify under oath.

Fast-forward to 9-11. The consequence of the NTSB whitewash was that nothing was done to protect airliners from relatively cheap Stinger missiles, and because any leads connecting white supremacists with middle-eastern terrorists were systematically ignored, a critical intelligence source was lost. Even back in 1997, before the Columbine massacre, junior Klan members Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold discussed using planes to attack New York City.

By the time 9-11 came along, Americans paid the ultimate price for the criminal negligence and deception of self-serving cabalists in the Republican and Democratic parties. The hijackers, as it turned out,  were a little more ambitious than Klebold and Harris when they hit the Pentagon and NYC. They wanted to bite the nose off America to spite us, and did it.

Had the Clinton Administration and even just a few Republicans chose honesty and nation above elitist cabal and self-interest, had they risked losing a few sacred cows in a DC purge of compromised Klan sympathizers and former members, 9-11 might have still happened. At least we'd have been prepared, however, and could have struck a massive blow to an Klan/Aryan Fifth column that is always a threat, since it remains willing to take any middle-eastern money to finance their sputtering little separatist race war.

The Clinton Impeachment: Lott and Gingrich's Failed Neo-Confederate Coup

This, then, is why the obvious missile attack in TWA Flight 800 was covered-up.  You had elitist cabalist advisors in the Clinton cabinet like Clarke, who were more interested in preserving the status quo than preserving national security. Moreover, back then the Senate was controlled by Trent Lott, a prominent Klan sympathizer who risked losing his seat should the present Klan influence in Washington DC come to light. Likewise, the House was then controlled by Newt Gingrich, a 33rd degree Scottish Rite grand poobah that knew he'd also get the boot if Klan involvement in domestic terrorism since 1963 was fully exposed; when questions regarding Confederate Gen. Albert Pike, who lies in a honored crypt at the Scottish Rite's DC temple headquarters, began hitting the mainstream media.

After Flight 800, to appease the more violent faction of the Klan's nascent militia movement, Lott and Gingrich put their heads together, and decided to impeach Clinton. But all they had was Monica Lewinsky and a deflowered cigar.

If you think the secret impeachment hearings and all that trouble were merely for a presidential blowjob, you've missed the forest for the jizz spattered Lewinsky tree. Perhaps it all boiled down to one word: treason, and who was guilty of indulging in the most of it. Perhaps some believed the Klan was actually patriotic because it brought attention to the injustice of the Waco massacre, and ultimately the Klan was an innocent social club provoked into action by Clinton's massacre in Waco and the cover-up no one ever bought.

Perhaps others reminded these Templar Klan apologists that burning churches, taking money from Saddam to fund militia groups, killing women and children in OKC, and inciting a separatist movement/race war was also treason.

But surely one other group must have won out in those secret impeachment meetings. Maybe it was a group that included Richard Clarke, a group which decided, perhaps, to suggest the following: "Wait a minute, let's not tell anyone about the Klan's involvement because we'll all burn for it...let's settle this matter in secret." And this they did.

The Flight 800 papers, OKC papers? most are still sealed. As are the majority of the files on the church burnings and Columbine. Do you see the pattern here? Any terrorist act that points to the Klan or associated white supremacist activity was immediately quarantined and suppressed.

And neither party, out of plain human decency or concern for the nation's safety, is about to unseal the documents that condemn them all.

Until the Klan itself is recognized for what is is, an organized terrorist establishment, they control your Bill of Rights- period.
Al Qaeda doesn't write, interpret or enforce your laws, but "reformed" Klansmen in both parties do; even as practicing Klansmen nationwide have tacitly organized and carried out brutal attacks against Americans with virtual immunity. These oath-bound "ex-Klansmen" couldn't do this without friends in the media...FOX, CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, etc. This is why both parties pander to the entertainment industry, which controls the news outlets. Knowledge is power, and keeping you misinformed is keeping you powerless. 
Al Qaeda had no influence in the drafting of the Patriot Act. "Reformed" Klansmen did, which may help explain why the KKK isn't categorized as a terrorist group. Moreover, the sweeping powers of Patriot Act are now in the hands of the FBI, which as the evidence above suggests, is itself compromised by Klan sympathizers both inside the bureau, and sympathizers in Washington DC. Same goes for the CIA.
If a Klansman or Klan cells therein, under the color of law, can use this act to detain you in secret without charges or access to a lawyer, we have effetely lost everything we won in the Civil War itself. Also, the 4th amendment protection against unreasonable search and seizure is now gone. Under Section 505 of the Patriot Act, e.g., the FBI has the secret power to obtain, without court oversight or need to show any evidence of criminal activity, highly personal information from practically any business, such as travel agencies and credit bureaus. Section 215 dramatically expands the the use of secret "national security letters" that allow the FBI to get your personal records without judicial oversight.
Ultimately, those who render the Constitution meaningless will have a hard time convincing anyone that doing so does not aid and abet the enemies of the same. You cannot protect the Bill of Rights by taking them away, and anyone who believes it possible is, well, a tard.
12 Year Old Music Sharer a Terrorist, a Klansman a Patriot
As it is now, should Hatch and Leahy's Induce Act become law (it's really the Patriot Act II by another name), "national security letters" could be used by the FBI to target P2P users. And therein you have the true measure of insanity: both Democrats and Republicans would label a child sharing a music file a terrorist, but not a national Klan leader such as the one featured in this CNN video. Neither would the Klan and its collective umbrella groups be targeted as a terrorist organization, despite the Klan's history of terrorism and assassinations which by default, demands the terrorist categorization.
Disturbingly, the name "Patriot Act" has an onomastic double-meaning impossible to ignore: "patriot" is how the Klansman typically refer to themselves and other members. So the question lingers.... Was the Patriot Act written by true patriots or the church-bombing variety? Well, again,  consider this: the Patriot Act doesn't recognize the KKK as a terrorist organization.
If the Klan was recognized as a terrorist organization, these powers afforded  to the FBI would certainly be justified, because as noted herein, unusual powers would be the only way to root out crooked judges, law enforcement officials and legislators that enable and abet enemies of the state by obstructing their prosecution.
Good men in both agencies, CIA and FBI, some of the best our nation has to offer, are still persecuted and silenced by a "good ol' boy" system that grants full scale immunity to any Klan or white supremacist umbrella group guilty of treason. Speaking of which, keep in mind that news assets often refer to the Klan's umbrella groups as "splinter cells" to isolate and mischaracterize the Klaverns in the Invisible Empire as separate from the KKK, but they are one and the same.
The most immediate threat is the media itself. It's unchallenged by Americans who trust their futures to partisan news assets when the sole objective of the broadcast media has been to condition and mislead, rather than empower citizens or inform. By monopolizing the broadcast media and putting every major news asset into the hands of a few partisan lackeys, the true gravity of their betrayal cannot be emphasized enough.
In the long run, the partisan media barons who prevent the exposure of "ex-Klansmen" in high office are just as guilty of obstructing justice as the leaders they protect. Eventually-- and this is sooner than later-- these men will pay the same price as those they defended for deliberately misleading the nation to the unfathomable danger "reformed Klansmen"- literal ex-terrorists-  still pose to our rights and national security. Irrefutably, wittingly or unwittingly, they are protecting an active fifth column that also extends to the heart of the nation's military, since the appointments of key generals are also subject to the influence of compromised "ex-Klansmen" in Washington DC, "ex-Klansmen" quite desperate to stay in power